Our Story

Gary Walsh, a retired banker, from Columbia, South Carolina, founded the Joyful Noise Foundation on July 2, 2015. His grandsons, Trip and Preston, were born profoundly deaf.

Immediately discovering their handicap challenge, I really felt deeply hurt in sorrow for them. This was a different feeling for me. How would they survive in today’s world? In Trip’s and Preston’s young age, 13 months and 10 months, respectively and after long and hard work by their parents, the possibility of cochlear implants were in sight. Our prayers were answered. After many years of loving them to the fullest and cherishing the fulfilling moments, boosting with memories, there was definitely a purpose for them being born deaf.

As I have experienced their surgery, the care by their parents, and the different stages of the hearing process post surgery, the costs associated with this were very expensive. As a result, I believe that all children of South Carolina deserve the opportunity to hear, at minimal cost, and to live the most productive life they possibly can.