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Theodore’s Story

On December 17th, 2013 we got a call that there was a baby boy born and his birthparents had selected us to be his parents. We were thrilled to welcome this baby, sweet Theodore to our family. While we were at the hospital we found out that he had failed his newborn hearing test. The staff told us this was normal andsent us to a follow up hearing test. Theo’s follow up hearing test went unexpectedly because he failed it as well. We were referred to an ENT for further testing. The ENT did an Auditory Brain Response (ABR) test on Theo and we discovered that he had moderate to severe hearing loss in both ears. At three months old Theo received his first pair of hearing aids. We have been doing great with the hearing aids; We started learning sign language as a family as well as Theo doing speech with some awesome ladies. This past summer Theo’s hearing started to get progressively worse. After much prayer, research and asking the experts we decided to move forward with getting cochlear implants. We wanted to give Theo the best chance with his speech to prepare him for public school. Once we had surgery scheduled by divine providence we met up with my mom’s friend Charlie Assey who told us about The Joyful Noise Foundation and Gary Walsh. He put us in contact with Gary and this wonderful foundation helped us to give our son the gift of hearing just a few days after Christmas. Theodore means “gift from God” and he has truly been a gift to us.

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Emma Kate’s Story

Sometimes trying to get insurance companies to cover expenses can be exhausting. We were in need of extending our bilateral Cochlear Implant’s warranties for our 7 year-old daughter. The Joyful Noise Foundation contacted us and wanted to serve as a support system for Emma Kate. We are so very thankful they helped with the warranty extensions. It is a lot less to worry about, knowing we have the coverage now, and the constant support of the amazing people at The Joy ful Noise Foundation.

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Justin’s Story

We want to take a moment to recognize The Joyful Noise Foundation for its encouragement and support of our precious son. Justin enjoys wearing his BAHA and we are grateful for the assistance we received with his fitting fee. The Joyful Noise Foundation is an awesome group and has gone above and beyond the call of duty to assist individuals and families with special needs!! Thank you very much.

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